tell me a story | march 2014

Rainy days. The snow is gone and we have rainy days. Lots of them. There is no whimsy light to be found, actually, all we have is clouds. And rain. Lots of it. That makes for a whole lot of no excitement in this house. So here is what we did. We had a movie afternoon with popcorn, made dinner and ate it. We also went to jump in the puddles. You should’ve seen the ghetto water casing I made for my camera…really classy.

Please go and check out the wonderful and talented Mindy from Orange Moon Photography and see if they had rain too :)


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their world | march 2014

Can I tell you something? This weather here in Maryland is a little bipolar. One day it’s so nice and we’re in T-shirts just to bundle up again the next day because we woke up to more snow. Including more snow days. I think the boys are getting tired of it too. I’m really hoping that this week is the last bit of snow since we already opened the BBQ season last weekend!

But besides the freezing cold we’re enjoying time together. Here we are this month with exploring the woods, looking out at the snow, steamy showers, eating frozen yoghurt and texting Daddy all by themselves.

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tell me a story | february 2014

Another month is over and we’re all telling a little story of our daily lives again. We have been busy this month with lots of snow days, then some warm days that we spent outside and one very special birthday. The hubs turned 30. And that’s also the day I chose to document. I have to explain though, he said he wanted a Dora the Explorer party, so that’s what he got. Nothing big, the dudes colored some pages, we made him a crown and he had a Dora cake. But hey, he got what he wished for, right?

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their world | february 2014

Phew, it’s already time for another installment of “their world”. This month has been something. So many snow days, I can’t even tell you. I know the kids liked it, and that’s all that matters, right? Well, I tried my best to catch some of their world with my camera. Here’s snowman building, chocolate in shorts eating, duck feeding and playground fun :)

Next up is the amazing  Erin :) You don’t want to miss out on that :)Enjoy!

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Tell me a story | January 2014

This blog cycle invites you to take a look at our lives. We take all photos in one day, so you get a tiny piece of our story. This month I decided to take you along on my mornings. From dropping the dudes off at school, to walking the dog, to hanging out at my friends house until the little dude is done, then some more hanging out and finally back home to welcome big dude home.

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Their world

This is a new project I’m so excited to join this year. It’s not new to me, some of the ladies in this circle have been doing this for a few years. So the goal is to get all your children in one frame, and then do that 4 times :) I have to say, I’m lucky. I only have 2 kids and they’re attached by the hip since they are so close in age. But this gives me the extra push to capture their special bond for them to remember. Though I hope they never lose it.

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This is their world in January

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