Tell me a story | May 2014

My little dude turned 5 this month. Soon he will be in Kindergarten and then College. What???

I tried something new though. Besides taking photos the whole day of his birthday I also made a little fun video with all the photos. He had a super blast and asks me to watch it all the time.

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Anika Alonzo-1-2 Anika Alonzo-2 Anika Alonzo-3 Anika Alonzo-6 Anika Alonzo-9

And here is the video, enjoy!

Their world | May 2014

We’re in the last stretch before the long summer break. It’s already pretty warm so we busted out the slip’n slide and had some splash time. Can you believe I’ve never been on one? Well, now I have. 32 years old and slip’n sliding for the first time. That was something. But fun :) I have the bruises to prove it too ;)

Also, little dude turned 5. No idea where the time is going and why they’re growing so fast. They think I’m crazy when I tell them to stop growing.

Here are our photos

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Anika Alonzo-8 Anika Alonzo-3 Anika Alonzo-9 Anika Alonzo-10 Anika Alonzo-12

Lovebugs | one year later

I met Cara and Nathan at the dog park. Our dogs have crazy girl crushes on each other, so we started to hang out more, so, you know, the dogs can go all crazy together. And now, we like each other too ;) I’ve actually been waiting for them to ask about a session since I saw them the first time. Beards are just so incredibly cool in photos! And then they did! They wanted to celebrate their first wedding anniversary with some ‘one year later’ photos. These two are definitely still right in the middle of their honeymoon phase and are not afraid to show it :) And as if it couldn’t get any better, Cara totally let her nerd flag fly :)

Cara and Nathan, thank you for letting me capture this moment in your life. I hope you stay crazy in love forever, always have fun together and that you enjoy the moments we froze in time for you :)


Anika Alonzo-1 Anika Alonzo-3 Anika Alonzo-6 Anika Alonzo-15 Anika Alonzo-17 Anika Alonzo-18 Anika Alonzo-19 Anika Alonzo-21 Anika Alonzo-22 Anika Alonzo-23 Anika Alonzo-24 Anika Alonzo-25 Anika Alonzo-26 Anika Alonzo-27 Anika Alonzo-28 Anika Alonzo-30

tell me a story | april 2014

We had a few warm days this month, lots of rain, but no snow. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow, but I also love seeing nature wake up and kids outside. Definitely the kids outside. It’s so nice to be able to open the back door and they can play outside the whole afternoon.

Here’s one of those afternoons :)

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their world | april 2014

It’s the first month this year without snow! And sun! Lots of sun! We also had spring break, me turning another year older and grandparents visiting from Germany. Needless to say we had a lot to do.

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Anika Alonzo-7 Anika Alonzo-11 Anika Alonzo-13 Anika Alonzo-4 Anika Alonzo-5 Anika Alonzo-1 Anika Alonzo-2 Anika Alonzo-5