>I don’t have a bartender

>Today is one of those days, where I just wanted to stay in bed. I didn’t want to care who made breakfast or cleaned up the kitchen, changed the diapers or brushed the teeth. Not me. Not today. Just not today. But like my fellow Moms out there, I sucked it up and slowly crawled out of the comforting, cuddly warmth of my bed. Up. Not really willing to open my eyes, because that would mean the day officially started. But i opened them and the day started.
Now, the kids are finally taking a nap and I can enjoy this. Straight up. No decorations, no nothing. Straight up. I don’t have a bartender to talk to, so why don’t you join me?


3 thoughts on “>I don’t have a bartender

  1. >I´m here, don´t have a bartender too. You should lie in your bed right now I hope, I just want to go to bed in this moment. My day started at 6:00 am and thats about 2 hours too early for me.by the way: is it possible to open your comments to all your readers? Most of them have no ID or Blog to register with here(do you prefer english or german comments here?) 😉

  2. >language doesn't matter to me, whatever you feel most comfortable with :)I just changed the settings, so everybody can comment. I didn't even know that I can change that 🙂

  3. >thanks, that makes it easier for me too because with the wordpress ID I had to login to my wordpress dashboard every time to comment here. I like it english, need some practise 😉

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