>It just happened


It happened. He turned 1. Without asking me if I’m ok with it. My baby. No, my toddler. Now, there won’t be any more babies in my house, just two toddlers, then kids, then teenagers and then they leave to be grown ups. I’m not exactly sure what to think of this. It’s amazing to see each and every day how much they learn and accomplish, it will continue to be amazing. One day I will sit here and wonder where all the time went. Wasn’t it just yesterday that he took the first steps? I’m trying really hard to enjoy each and every minute of my babies’ toddler’s life. I love this stage. They’re so much fun, starting to develop their own personalities and they become more and more independent. They will need me less and less each day. One day I’m going to be proud of that they’re able to accomplish. All by themselves. Until then, I will love them, kiss them and hug them as much as I can!

My little munchkin, your daddy, your brother and I love you with all our hearts and even more. Happy first birthday ♥

Now I have to go and finish baking the cakes for your party tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “>It just happened

  1. >They do grow quickly don't they? Enjoy them while you can. We just celebrated my grandson's 1st birthday last year and it was hard to believe so much happened in that first year. And I have been through it so many times–with 4 children and 4 step children–I have watched them grow to be young adults and now parents themselves. I cherish all the moments with each and every one even now that they are grown–and take pictures, lots of pictures. My one daughter says I am the paparazzi.

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