>A walk in the woods

>Yesterday I got out of the house. Without kids! Do you know how quiet that is? My friend K and I went for a walk in the woods and let me tell you, it was humid. We had so much fun just walking around, forgetting about time, diaper changes, preparing dinner and all the other joys of being a mom.

This little fella was just too cute. He was about the size of my thumb and a super furball!

Now some nature shots
I have to say, this one still gives me the creeps.
And this one is just plain pretty 🙂
Then we found those rare wood creatures 🙂 I asked them if they would let me take their photo and they agreed. Such good sports! You should’ve seen us, my 3 words spanish and their 5 words english made a funny combination. It took us a little to figure out what we were saying, but it obviously worked!
And this is my beautiful friend K, all focused. I don’t think she knows I snapped that photo of her 🙂
Thank you my friend for a fun day with creepy bugs and places, lots of laughs and poofy hair!

7 thoughts on “>A walk in the woods

  1. >What fun! I never seem to take the time to do that. You have inspired me. Now I am going to make sure to make that time. Great pictures and great inspiration. Thank you!

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