>Beautiful Blogger Award


What a surprise I just got! I got the beautiful blogger award from  Stephanie ! Thank you so much ♥
Now there’s 10 things you don’t know about me
1. I’m absolutely addicted to chocolate, there’s not one day I go without having at least a little. Or a lot.
2. I can’t function in the morning without my…chocolate milk!
3. I am german
4. I am a military wife
5. My fingernails are always short
6. I once knew how to play the piano and the cello
7. I studied to be a special ed teacher and social worker
8. I have a fake tooth
9. I am a little OCD 🙂
10. I was the student representative for 3 years in a row (11th-13th grade)
Now I will pass this award on to the blogs I love to stalk ♥


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