>Creativity Boot Camp – Fluid


What an exhausting day we had. My little one is running a fever so there was my assignment. Get fluids in that little body, as much as possible. That why I chose these photos and made a triptych. Poor guy is so miserable 😦
Then I was supposed to step out of my comfort zone. Everybody that knows me knows how much I hate to do that. I like things certain ways and most of the time I have a hard time adjusting to change. Well, that’s what my husband says. I think I’m pretty flexible. I can see him rolling his eyes right now ♥
I chose to meet up with some friends that had invited me to do a father’s day craft. I honestly dispise crafting. I’m not good at it, I’m too much of a perfectionist and I’m very impatient with myself. But I went. And I crafted. Here’s the proof!
Thank you guys for making it actually fun 🙂
Some supplies
These are not my hands. My nails are never pretty.
Almost finished. Just need to pick some photos to glue on it and then it goes straight into a frame.


6 thoughts on “>Creativity Boot Camp – Fluid

  1. >Oh poor boy…yes; keep the fluids flowing. I'm a perfectionist at heart also; but craft and try to forgive myself daily for my errors.

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