>Creativity Boot Camp – smile

>This is the last day of creativity boot camp. It was so much fun and I can’t believe I actually stuck with it! I loved it!
The least few days I have been thinking about what to do now. It’s like these 2 weeks of prompts every day already became a part of my life and I really need something else now. I was so excited to see that Madeline is gonna keep going with us, not every day, but every week. Thank you so much!
Then my mentorette Julie approached me and suggested a distance photo collaboration project and I’m so excited about this! We’re gonna have wordsmith.com pick a word for us once a week and then go snap crazy and show our photos off, together! Thanks for asking me to do this with you 🙂

Now here’s my smile photo. It’s an outtake of yesterday’s hush theme and I just have to show it off ♥ It’s totally out of focus and really not that great but we had fun 🙂


3 thoughts on “>Creativity Boot Camp – smile

  1. >The photo made me smile – proof you got the prompt perfectly. Can't wait to see the photos from your next adventure.

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