>pizza garden

>About 2 months ago I got one of those little pizza garden things you can grow in your kitchen. I decided, it’s better to have it outside. So, I, coming from a family with ALL green thumbs, me having the blackest thumb ever, had to plant them. I put the seeds in the soil and followed all the instructions. Pressed it all in tightly, watered it. A lot. I even tried talking to it. Nothing. Really, NOTHING!
After a while my boys found the little pot and decided to pour it all out. Totally devastated I was about to just throw it all out. But, me and my black thumb had the awesome idea of just dumping it in front of my house, where I had just tried to plant a flower garden, which also, was not growing. Black thumb. After a while though, the flowers started coming out. It still looks a little wild, ok, very wild 🙂 But hey, it’s growing!
Two nights ago I was sitting outside and thought, hey, I smell basil! How’s that possible? So I went on a search and to my surprise, I found it. Right there, hidden between weeds. I looked even closer. Then took a really close look at my black thumb, and yes, it’s turning, brownish-greenish 🙂 There were tomato plants too! So I had to get to work, freed the tomato and basil from all the weeds and tadah! I have a pizza garden!!!


2 thoughts on “>pizza garden

  1. >Basilikum ist kaum tot zu kriegen. Wenn der ab und an etwas Wasser abbekommt, ist der happy. Mein Vater züchtet den auch. Fragt man ihn nach seinem Geheimnis, warum der so gut wächst, antwortet er: "regelmäßig vergessen zu gießen" 😀

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