>I ♥ faces: where do I live?

>This was inspired by Ann Marie. I read her entry and I just had to do this. The thing is, Ann Marie is an Army wife. She’s stationed in Germany with her husband and kids.
Ann Marie, I’m an Army wife. I’m german. We live in the most american state there possible is. Texas. So I know how much you miss home, your family and friends. I decided to dedicate this to all of us, Army wifes. Far away from home, raising our kids by ourselves for very long periods of time, missing our country, family, friends, food and everything else you can miss.

Today I went on a photo drive, just for all of you that can’t be here. I know it’s the every day things that you really miss, so I went and got them for you 🙂

This is where I live. Texas. Fort Hood. Does the name ring a bell? The place of the horrible shooting in November. The same day I moved our little family on post. I was stuck in the new house with movers and a friend, my two boys and her daughter, she was pregnant. We had no internet, no TV. We were not allowed to leave the houses, because nobody knew how many shooters were there. Through my phone I got emails from other Army wives, that I’ve never met and probably never will, sending us updates of what was going on. That day, I was glad my husband was in Iraq and not here.

This is an old theater in the town nearby.
Mr V selling his melons and gladly posing for my project as soon as he found out I was german. Like his wife 🙂
Then I went on to this place, since I know you don’t really have it over there. They let me hang out and observe, behind the counter. Just because I told them what the photos are for 🙂
Now off to this place. They also let me hang out behind the counter and in the kitchen. They even made a pizza just for these photos!
So to all military wives out there, hang in there 🙂

Please don’t forget to head over to I♥faces to check out where everybody else is from!


5 thoughts on “>I ♥ faces: where do I live?

  1. >What a lovely thoughtful thing to do for other military wives! My husband is retired Air Force, so I can relate to missing home….My favorite picture is the theater with its bright colors and the perspective you chose to shoot from….

  2. >Oh I LOVE the old movie theater! And how you captured the older gentleman selling melons – he looks like he has a great sense of humor!Oh and PAPA JOHNS – that was one thing on my vacation bucket list that just didn't get done! :)Thank you leaving me such a thoughtful comment – and for sharing these pictures of home sweet home!

  3. >I was an Army wife and now am the wife of a retiree. Thank you so much for this post! Brings back memories and is just a nice slice of Americana. My Hubby was stationed at Ft. Hood when we married. We now live in my home town of San Antonio. I hope you can visit SA sometime. Would love to see your photos. Barbara

  4. >Aber sicher gibts hier Starbucks (der Laden macht mich arm 😀 )In der weiteren Umgebung habe ich ihn schon in Frankfurt, Mannheim, Heidelberg und Karlsruhe entdeckt.Noch ein Grund für dich, irgendwann mal her zu kommen. 🙂

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