>kicking it old school

>A few weeks ago I was skyping with my grandparents. Yes, they finally got the concept of how it works and I gotta give them props for that. It’s all still a big miracle to them that we can talk across the big ocean and they can see their great grandsons via webcam. Then my grandfather Pepi said, hey, you’re taking quite a few photos and they look pretty good. I had to smile and told him, I’m trying to get my business started. He was absolutely excited about that and told me, he had a old camera laying around which he doesn’t use anymore. I guess my eyes became really big and sparkly because he jumped up and got it out of the case to show me. He decided to mail it to me, so I can use it for weddings. Dear Pepi, I won’t use it for weddings, since I’ve never shot one and for that I’d prefer my DSLR but thank you 🙂
So today, after 5 weeks in the mail, this baby finally arrived. She’s a Canon T70 and I’ve NEVER in my life shot a Canon. I’m a Nikon girl. But, I can learn, right? She’s now 25 years old and has taken photos of me when I was just 3 years old. How cool is that?
I can’t tell you how excited I was when the mail lady knocked on my door and announced that I had a package from Germany. Now I just had to wait until my sons woke up from their nap so I could drag them to the store and buy some film. Yes, real rolls of film! All I have to do now, is figure out how to use this baby. Luckily my grandparents are real germans, so they kept everything, including the instructions for the camera and the lens. Study time for this girl here 🙂

So here she is 🙂

Does anybody have some useful tips for me? Please?

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