>settling in

>Yesterday all our stuff arrived. Finally! I will spare you the hundreds of boxes all over our new place and just show you the fun things. I mean really, nobody likes mountains of boxes, right? There’s still so much to do and I feel like I’m drowning in work here, but like my good friend from back home told me this morning to motivate me, you can rock sh**! Thanks K 🙂
So after the the movers left me in total chaos I started with the kids rooms. That way they can have their toys while I get to work on something else. All I could think about while unpacking their things was, who in the world got them that many toys? They’re happy though, so I can take a minute to sit down and relax and pretend that there aren’t 50 more boxes that need to be unpacked.

The little one was so happy to have his own bed back that he didn’t want to get out this morning.

Then he got to enjoy some reading time 🙂
The big one is just totally thrilled that he can watch the trash truck come by from his own window 🙂

I’m glad they’re settling in so well, they’ve really been great throughout this whole move ♥

So…anybody wanna unpack my boxes?


3 thoughts on “>settling in

  1. >danke für die tollen Bilder!Deine Kisten wirst du aber selber auspacken müssen. So lang sind meine Arme nicht. Aber wenn du mal hier her ziehst, dann helfe ich dir :)(da tun sich ganz neue Möglichkeiten für Blogprojekte auf…)

  2. >Denn sieh mal zu dass du hier lang kommst. Weit ist es nicht, ich seh die Flieger immer schon recht tief über unserem Ort, wenn sie auf Ramstein zuhalten.

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