>Do you remember why you said ‘yes’? How it happened? How you felt? I do. I looked back on it today with a big smile on my face. All this was caused by one of my best friends getting engaged. On the Eiffel tower. That sounds way better than in front of a poopy diaper, right? Our moment still wasn’t any less special, it was us. It was perfect. Here we are, married for only 2 years, 2 kids and luckily still in love.

Then I realized, there’s no photo of the rings! We don’t have wedding photos either, I can’t change that, but I can finally get that ‘ring shot’. And I did.

So, why did you say ‘yes’?

3 thoughts on “>Remember…?

  1. >Keine Hochzeitsbilder? Wars so eine spontane Aktion? *flücht*Bei uns wars auf dem Turm der Burg Landeck. Um uns herum regnete es in Strömen, nur dort wo wir standen, war kein Regen. Das war wie in einem (schlechten) Film aber wirklich wahr 🙂 Ringphotos gibts bei uns aber auch keine. Und mittlerweile sind die Ringe schon recht verkratzt… :-/

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