>attempt number one. failed.

>This sunday I convinced the hubs to finally go to an orchard and take some photos of the boys. I had it all well planned in my head, we were going to have these amazingly cooperative kids for just one day and we were going to have the best photos ever. Sounds good, right? Somehow the plan didn’t quite agree with the kids. They were running away as soon as I pointed the camera in their direction, they were looking everywhere else but at me, every time daddy finally got them to a spot that was good they turned around and turned their back on me. By the time I made it around, they were ready to run again. Quite frustrating. It was even more frustrating that we made it to the pumpkin patch and as soon as we were ready to move to the apple trees the lady told us they were closed now. What? Do you not know that evening light is soooooo pretty in photos? Well, I guess we’ll have to try again…

Here are some shots I got

At least I got a goo shot of the food, right?

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