>his way or my way

>Big boy and me decided it was time to bake an apple tarte. So what does a grown woman do? Right, she emails her mother, who lives across the ocean to ask for help the recipe. The answer just made me laugh and made me feel like my mom was a bit closer. So, because of that, you will get to read it too.

Here’s what I wrote:
MAMA! How do you make an apple tarte? I can’t find a recipe online that sounds good enough…

Here’s her answer:
You’re just too lazy to make a real dough, but usually I am too.
Do this:
Buy some puff pastry, or some already made pie crust (less calories) and if possible already round and on paper
Defrost, roll out and put on a round pie baking form.
Sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar on it – not too much
peel apples, quarter and put on it – pretty
then mix 4 eggs and 200g heavy cream (or sour cream – less calories) and then pour on top
preheat the oven to 170 Celsius
bake for about 20 minutes

…and I would like a photo in return, of the kids – not the apple tarte

Isn’t she lovely?
So here you go Mama, photos of the kids AND the apple tarte. And we were not too lazy to make the dough from scratch, unlike other people…we love you!

the big boys idea of a finished apple tarte
pretty enough, Mama?
my idea of a finished apple tarte 🙂
the little one was being all artsy-fartsy while we were working

2 thoughts on “>his way or my way

  1. >ach Gott wie süß, deine Mutter ist mir sympathisch :)(bei mir gibts immer "Apfelkuchen, sehr fein". Rezept aus dem uralten Dr Oetker Backbuch meiner Oma)

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