>Famer’s Market

>This morning I decided to go visit the farmer’s market here in town. Of course I brought the camera and you should be glad I did! I found you some amazing jewels πŸ™‚

These handmade soaps and oils and creams from Lana Bella are the most delicious smelling thing ever! She handed me a ‘mint chocolate’ soap bar and I was about to take a bite out of it. I was in herbal heaven πŸ™‚ So if you’re into being clean and smelling good, go check her out and get yourself some soap. And your parents. And your siblings. And you kids. Definitly your kids. Just go and get a bunch!

This one here was inspired by Jenni’s baby brother, she needed something for him for the holidays. I think baby brother is a happy man!

Open Eyes Press had these adorable lunch bags and zip pouches laying out that I instantly fell in love with. I just love the fun designs and honestly, I’m a sucker for anything handmade, since I’m exactly talented when it comes to that. I’m sure your lunchbox doesn’t look this cool! Go get rid of it and please, let your sandwich look good already πŸ™‚

I absolutely adore toys that are a little different, handmade and all natural. Children today, including mine, have too much plastic toys, so when I saw Michelle’s store Babus it made me jump with excitement! I know a lot of you have kids or work with kids and I honestly can’t think of a better gift than these guys here. Michelle makes them all herself of course and her toys have that vintage-y feel to them, something your grandma may have played with. Really. You need these.

Piggy banks have been around since forever. Since then they have also been boring. But these guys here? Not so much! Jessica from This little Piggy came up with the idea of making them cute. Or manly. Or kiddy. Or basically anything you want. She has so many patterns and colors and it was almost impossible for me to decide which one I loved the most. You need these too. Seriously. Get one. Or two.

ο»ΏAlright, let’s talk about food. I’m sure everybody knows their food groups and how much you should eat of each. Sadly, one of the most important groups is often left out.
Ice cream.
Who leaves out ice cream? Come on people, nobody can live without ice cream. Especially chocolate. As I walked across the market, ready to get back home, I hear somebody yelling at me, hey, your face screams chocolate! Well, yes, it certainly does πŸ™‚
This is hands down the best gelato I’ve had here in America. Almost like it’s straight from Italy. I’m not lying. I had to buy two containers and the chocolate is already half gone. I will have to go back for more. Tomorrow.
Go check out Pitango, find a location and take the day off in their store.

I also ran into a french bakery. Oh, you should have seen my face! I started talking to the owner and he told me that I was late, because they had ‘pain au chocolat’ in the morning and they’re all out. I was there 45min after the market opened. I was late? We kept chatting and I told him where I’m from and that once side of my family speaks french. He thought that meant he found a long lost friend from France and switched to french imediatly. Boy did he make me sweat! But I managed to understand what we were talking about and even understood the cooking instructions for the Quiches I bought. I’m telling you, you need to know how to talk food in different languages. It’s a life saver πŸ™‚
Please, go to my new french buddy and eat everything in his store praline. You won’t regret it!
Alright, I think I talked enough for tonight πŸ™‚ I’m going to leave you with a few last photos from this morning.

Oh, maybe I should mention that I was not payed or hired by either of the vendors. I took all the photos with their permission and everything I said is just my little opinion.

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