>Stranger Day

>Saturday morning. I was woken up by my lovely son at 5.30am. 5.30am!!! I have to admit, I was quite grumpy. So before I took out all my crazy moods on everybody else I jumped in the shower. Mumbling things only I could hear. Really, you don’t want to know what I was actually saying. So there I was, in the shower, mad, tired, just wanting time for myself. Just a little break. Since I can’t really take off, check myself into a hotel and catch up on 3 years of lost sleep I decided to go to the market. But what to do there? I can only buy so much french pastries and coffee. And then there it was. The little light bulb above my head. I was going to start a new project! Something that will make me leave the house by myself once in a while and focus on something different than being a mom. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom, but moms need a break too. So here’s my idea. Every time I leave the house by myself I will take my camera and approach strangers and ask them if I can photograph them. I know, the idea is not brand new, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. But really, it’s a fun project and you should try it!
Here are my very first strangers

Thanks strangers for being a part of my super fun and original idea 🙂

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