>putting myself out there

>You know how it is. We’re most comfortable behind the camera. We all say it’s for a reason. We all think we really have a reason to hide. I’m no different. I find excuses all the time. So I decided to try a self portrait. And boy, this was hard! It’s not getting a photo that’s in focus so much, it’s more the nitpicking! I went through all the photos I took and I found something on every single one that I didn’t like. Then the processing. Even worse. I don’t think I have ever been that picky about one single photo. But, I think I like it now 🙂 So I’m putting myself out there. For you to see me. No make up, no hair done. Just me.

When do I get to see you?

7 thoughts on “>putting myself out there

  1. >wow! Weiß gar nicht was du hast, die anderen Fotos können gar nicht so schlimm gewesen sein :)(ich kenn das aber sehr gut, kann mich auf Fotos auch nicht leiden)

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