>Tate’s Bake Shop cookies

>I was the lucky winner of a give away at Honey & Jam. What did I win? Cookies and a cookbook from Tate’s Bake Shop. Nice! That’s what I thought when I found out about that. Today the package was delivered to my door. I have to say, I’m so impressed! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous with attention to the detail and the cookies? Holy smokes! I have honestly never had better cookies. They are thin and crispy and the taste is just devine! Of course the kids saw me opening the box and they asked for cookies right away. Somehow when it comes to sweets kids have x-ray vision or can suddenly read. So usually when my kids eat a cookie they run around with it, take a bite here and there until they’re done. This time, they took a bite and all I heard was ‘mummmmmmhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm’ and they actually sat down until there was not a crumble left. I’d say, Tate’s Bake Shop passed the test πŸ™‚
The cookbook absolutely saved me right away. If it wouldn’t have been in the package I would have had ordered it right away. And the nicest thing? There’s a short personal note from the author πŸ™‚
Thank you guys at Tate’s Bake Shop and Hannah at Honey & Jam for making me fat…uhm i mean happy πŸ™‚


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