>Cheese soup

>I guess it’s time to share the secret of the famous cheese soup. My inlaws might shake their heads now, covering their faces in shock – yes, I changed the recipe 🙂 You still love me 🙂

You need

2-3 leeks (if you don’t like leek you can just throw a whole onion in the soup)

4-5 gloves of garlic

3-4 potatoes

1 lbs soup noodles or broken up angel hair pasta

queso blanco (if you don’t have that, use shredded mozarella)


vegetable broth cubes


cream (or milk, if you don’t like fat, but let’s face it, who doesn’t like fat)

fresh cilantro

Cut the leek in rings and wash it. Sautee in a little butter (I’m not telling you how much, I mean, who decides how much is a little? For me it’s about 2 tbsp). Add about 8-10 cups of water, broth cubes, garlic, cubed potatoes and salt. When the potatoes are almost done, add the noodles and boil until those are done.

Add a good shot of cream (again, how much is a little? For me that would be about 1/2 cup, you want the soup to be yellow-ish-white). Bring to a quick boil and then turn off. Add the cheese. It’s important to do that in the end when the heat is off. I learned the hard way…burned cheese in a soup is not so delicious.

When the cheese is soft, add the chopped cilantro and serve.


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