>a few days with Oma

>My mom came to visit. We haven’t seen each other in more than a year, well, not in person at least. We see each other every week on web cam, but that’s different. So the boys got an Oma overload and got spoiled rotten 🙂 It’s safe to say, they all had a blast and were pretty sad when she had to leave yesterday. I guess it’s true, you somehow know who’s related to you. The boys took to her in a second, as if she would live right around the corner and not on a completely different continent.


2 thoughts on “>a few days with Oma

  1. >Wunderschöne Fotos!Beim vierten Foto hatte ich sogar Tränen in den Augen, ich sehe da so viel Freude und Liebe zueinander, das ist viel zu schön 😉

  2. >Jaaaa, echt tolle Bilder! Bis zum nächsten Mal wirds hoffentlich kein ganzes Jahr dauern, oder?

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