>just another manic sunday

>I just realized, I haven’t really posted anything not 365 related. What a shame. You should slap me. No, really. Slap me extra hard, now! Why would I do that? Oh, I know. Because I have a 3 year old and a almost 2 year old. Boys. That’s right, in case you forgot, I live with 3 (!) guys. How did that happen again? I really wish I could take those soft, pink tinted beautiful photos, make them into diptychs with pretty flowers, but, well, pink doesn’t go that well with these guys. So here’s what I got yesterday at a fun day in the park. We actually spent 3 hours there and they were tired. Oh so tired. So tired, that I had to carry the big one, cause you know, the hubs was carrying the little one already. Don’t get me wrong, he offered to switch kids, but he was so far ahead, I would’ve required me to move faster, and that’s just not possible when you carry 40.4lbs.

And here’s one for the girls 🙂

One thought on “>just another manic sunday

  1. >*slap* Scheeeerz, ich weiß ja wie stressig es ist mit Kindern, außerdem besteht ja keine Pflicht zu bloggen. Spaß solls machen!btw, ich mag das 3. Bild sehr. Wobei das Karussel auch seeeehr schön ist :)(Wenn ihr hierher kommt, gehen wir in den Holidaypark, ok? Und wehe ihr kommt nicht 😉 )

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