>A love letter

>My three sweet guys,

I love you with all my heart. More than you can even imagine.

Big Boy,
you’re my first, you made me a mother. You showed me unconditional love. You are sweet and kind, smarter than I could have ever imagined. You are the cutest little gentleman and I love the look on your face when you can hold the door open for me or help me out with everything that I ask you to. Your will to learn impresses me every day and I hope, that I can teach you for a long time! I love that you share my love for cooking and baking, even though I have to share the leftovers in the bowl now. You are so much like me, a little perfectionist, a go-getter and a do-er. Music is what makes you the happiest. You dance, sing, beatbox, drum, play air guitar. If there is a sound you like, you will imitate it. And drive me nuts with it at times. But, you are cool as hell 🙂
I love you!

Little Boy,
you…you are my devil with the face of an angel. There’s always, always, ALWAYS that twinkle in your eyes. It’s a joy to watch you grow more independent each day. Running, climbing, exploring all over the place, never time to rest. You want to do everything your brother does and you will find a way to get there. You are a little cuddle bug and a mamma’s boy. You’re starting to grow into a little dare devil, always right there on the edge. You’re loud and funny and flirty and you will break many, many hearts along the way. My little wild boy, that loves to cuddle up when we read stories. You’re extremely stubborn and you want to do everything yourself. You get mad when I don’t let you. The world is your playground and I hope that this never ends!
I love you!

My love,
you make me complete. Everything I am not, you are. Everything I can’t do, you can. Every time I don’t know where to go, you show me the way. You believe in me without a doubt crossing your mind. You treat me like a queen and yet you keep me grounded. You’re my best friend and you let me be me, no matter what that might look like that day. You listen to my stories over and over, never losing patience. I can’t imagine a life without you. You are my rock, my shoulder to lean on, my cheerleader, my supporter, my husband, my love.
I love you!

I am the luckiest girl in the world to call you my little family.


4 thoughts on “>A love letter

  1. >Wow. Ich wünsche mir, eines Tages auch so etwas sagen zu können. Die Texte sind wunderschön, ich habe Tränen in den Augen 😉 Ich bin mir sicher, deine drei Männer wissen das alles sehr zu schätzen. Ich sage einfach mal Danke – für diesen schönen Eintrag und für den kleinen Einblick in solche tiefe Liebe.

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