a review

Remember the Paper Coterie ? I promised you photos and a review and I got my photo book 3 days ago, I just didn’t have the time to take photos, edit and post. You know how it is, riiiiiight?

Alright, here we go. Ordering was super easy. I just hate when you have to go through 500 steps to get something done. Naptime just isn’t that long. All I had to do is pick my photos, upload and design my album. Sounds pretty awesome, right? The best part is, the album designs are simply adorable. It’s not just pink and blue for boys and girls, there are actual beautiful designs, with cute quotes, space for your own things to write down and enough space for lots and lots of photos.

When my book arrived I was amazed by the attention that was paid to little details. A sticker on the package, the writing on the book envelope and the little gift that was put with my order. The quality of the book blew me away. Here’s the thing, I often shoot at very high ISO, so my photos do have quiet some noise here and there. I don’t exactly mind noise, but good printing quality is key to make it look good. And that’s exactly what the Paper Coterie did. My photos look amazing in the book and my boys have something to look at and remember their childhood.

I think it’s safe to say, I will keep ordering at the Paper Coterie. A lot. I think I can hear my husband scream… 🙂

Don’t forget, they still have the hero project going on until the 4th of July, so go check them out!


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