you wanted to see me?

Here and there you will find people that tell you the truth. Not the today-you-look-like-crap kinda truth. More like, hey, if you want to reach your goals, if you want this to work, then here’s what you need to do. I can call myself lucky to have found people like that. Obviously there’s my husband, who, even though he doesn’t understand one bit what photography is about, pushes and supports me without doubt. Awesome guy, isn’t he. I know. He’s mine. I’m not sharing. Now back off.

Then there’s the people that you meet online, by chance. You start talking and bouncing ideas off of each other. Ok, it’s more like me going, hey, what do you think? Give me adviiiihiiihiiiiice! But, people help. I got some advice. Update your ‘about’ section, people want to see you, put a face with the work. Ugh. Thanks. I don’t have photos of myself. Now just imagine me saying that like a 3 year old that was told to clean his room. Yeah. But still, thanks for the advice. I know you’re right. But right there was my next problem. I needed something that would let you see me. A photo. A simple photo. Not the one where I hold a newborn in the hospital. Or the one with my husband when we decided to make a face mask with Nutella. I don’t want to do that to you. You can thank me later. So what’s a girl to do? Right. I grabbed myself a talented photographer and told her, I need this. Like, I NEED this. Again, the 3 year old. Thankfully she was super cool about it, grabbed my camera and started a mini shoot.

So, this is really just a thank you note. Thank you to everybody that helps without thinking about it twice. Thank you for being cool when I act like a 3 year old. Thank you for being patient and nice and just plain awesome.


And because there’s no post without the dudes, here they are 🙂



Now go and check out the new and improved, much grown up ‘about’ section 🙂


4 thoughts on “you wanted to see me?

  1. Anika! I am SO happy for you! You won the Kellie Hatcher presets! EEEK!
    I don’t know if you got the email yet or not, but I just wanted to say congratulations.
    Way to go.

    PS I don’t have to see a picture of you to know you are beautiful. It came through in your words.

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