be visible

That’s something I have to learn. To be visible. I’m awesome at being invisible. Behind the camera. Watching. In control. Always ready to capture a moment in my kids’ lives. But then I read this post. It makes my heart break. I know the feeling just too well to be worried about your loved one not coming home. Ever again. It sucks. But we’re the lucky ones. He got to come home. Alive. Maybe that’s why I try to capture as many memories as humanly possible. I want the kids to remember the special moments, the fun stuff and the every day life. And then it hit me. I know my husband has a dangerous job. It’s normal for me to worry about his safety. I don’t ever think about mine. This time, I did. I made my husband pick up the camera and capture me. Me with my dudes. So they can look back at these photos in 20 years and remember, we had a fun Sunday afternoon.





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