And just like that he’s 4. I asked him a few days ago if he could stop growing, his answer, no Mama, I don’t have a button for that. I guess that means he’s not going to stop any time soon.

Our day started quite normal, nothing special, getting ready for school and dropping him off. But after school the craziness started. I wanted to hang just two more photos and then I hit a water pipe with the nail. While on the phone with maintenance we tried to find the valve to shut the water off and of course, we couldn’t find it. Within 10 minutes somebody was at our house and started to fix the waterfalls coming out of my wall. The kids loved it. Why? Because he got to cut a huge hole in the wall and they got to watch. Everything was done just in time for the birthday party. I can’t even tell you how thankful I was!

Here’s the big dude’s birthday interview

what’s your favorite food?

-chicken, you know that Mama!

what’s your favorite show?


what would you do on a perfect day?

-movie and popcorn

what’s your biggest wish?

– a birthday candle

what’s your favorite song?

– Just the way you are

who is the best dancer in the world?

– ME!!!

something you want to do soon?

– go to a carnival with Nate

something everybody should remember?

– a happy birthday cake for me



Happy Birthday big dude!!!


4 thoughts on “4

  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich B. Ich hoffe du hattest viel Spaß und der Kuchen war lecker? Er sieht auf jeden Fall phantastisch aus, deine Mama hat sich mal wieder selbst übertroffen 🙂
    Ist das echt schon 4 Jahre her? Gibts ja gar nicht…

    • den Spongebobkuchen hab ich gekauft. Das Kind wollte den unbedingt und Maenne meinte, ich soll nicht so deutsch sein und dem armen Kind endlich einen Zuckerkuchen geben und nicht selber backen. Gebacken hab ich trotzdem und der Kompromiss war, Kuchen, aber dafuer kein Schlagzeug 🙂 Da hab ich mich gerne drauf eingelassen 🙂

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