Beauty 2.0

Since my last post about beauty was so well received by all you guys, I’m giving you another one. This morning I had the chance to go on a photo walk with some other photographers here on post. Why do I even say that, everything here is on post, since we’re so far away from everything. We really do live on our own little island. But anyways, it was fun. The hubs was able to keep the little dude at home so I can have a 2 hour break. 2 hours!!! Do you know how awesome that was? Thanks hubs, you’re the bestest 🙂 So much fun! I think I still have to learn, that when I’m out with other photographers, it’s not required to apologize every time I stop to take a photo. They understand.  It’s awesome. No dudes in this post though, since I was dudeless this morning, I want to pretend I’m still on a break with this post. You understand, right?


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