far away

You guys already know that I’m a German living in the US. Why am I telling you again? To remind you, that my whole family lives back in Germany. That means, they don’t get to see the kids that much. It’s sad, but it is how it is, we make the best of it. And so does my mother. You see, she works for a biiiiiiiiiig toy company and travels a lot. Sometimes she comes to this side of the world. But not to this side of the country. More all the way on the other side. East coast vs West coast, you know? So, she’s on the one side and we’re on the other. What does she do? She takes advantage of the fact that she works for a toy company. And that mailing stuff is not that expensive when you’re in the same country. So she mailed stuff. It arrived yesterday and maybe my head exploded just a little bit. She spoils them rotten. She knows it. They know it. They love it.





7 thoughts on “far away

  1. Und das beste ist wie immer der Karton 😀

    Oma freut sich sicher sehr, dass sie ihren Enkeln ihre Abwesenheit so etwas versüßen kann 🙂

  2. Ich verfolge Euch ja erst seit kurzem und mag deine Fotos sehr gerne !

    Deine Kids sind toll 😉 ihr Eltern natürlich auch 🙂

    Omas sind halt die Besten !

    LG from Germany

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