make a wish

So yesterday was my husband’s birthday. He doesn’t like when I make a fuss about it. He doesn’t like presents or cake or anything. He’s a tad bit difficult, or maybe that’s just how men are? He still got a cake and candles. A present too, but he got to pick that himself and we opened it last week to have this BBQ. I insist on a cake. I just do. Usually I make everything from scratch, I learned from my grandmother, you know? I’m good. But he doesn’t like ‘weird, german cakes’. He likes american, sweet, plain cakes from a box. That’s the only thing he likes from a box. So that’s what he got. A funfetti cake, no frosting. Because he doesn’t like that either.  But that’s ok.




2 thoughts on “make a wish

  1. I am interested in your cake. Did you ever want to be born on February 29th? It looks as though that cake is ready to blast off. Are those real mushrooms?

    Always Marc Marrs

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