perfect imperfections

My dear husband dreads the camera. He doesn’t like being in front of it and he dislikes it even more when he has to pick it up. But sometimes I have to put my foot down. Here’s the problem. We don’t even have a point and shoot camera. Only my big lady, and well, a smaller version of it. Nothing he likes to deal with. So I get all the settings adjusted and then make him take some photos. Here’s the thing, he’s kinda like a child. His attention lasts about 30 seconds. The shot has to be there in that time or you’re out of luck. It’s ok, I still love him.

These are not technically perfect, but they are more than perfect to me. I’m in them. With my dudes. Gotta ♥ it 🙂



7 thoughts on “perfect imperfections

  1. dafür, dass er nicht gerne fotografiert, sind die Bilder wahnsinnig toll geworden. Nicht zuletzt wegen der schönen Motive 🙂
    Ihr seid toll!

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