7 on 7 ~ March edition

Here we are for another installment of our 7 on 7. The past month has been rough, we had the sickies. For quite a while. It started with the big dude bringing something home from school, then it went over to the little dude and the hubs and then back to the big dude. This time it hit him pretty hard. And then it started to get to me. Here’s the thing. I don’t just get a normal cold. I get a man-cold. Bad. Sometimes I think it should be called Anika-cold. I’m the master of suffering. You’re not gonna get the complaining, more the silent sighs. Yeah, I’m the annoying sick person. We’re all ok again though.

Now please don’t forget to continue our circle and check out Ines 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and, again, don’t forget to check what our fabulous Ines posted this month 🙂


8 thoughts on “7 on 7 ~ March edition

  1. Just went thru your Flickr pics. Wow you have sooooo many fantastic photographs! So many beautiful photos of your children to flowers and the photographs of your husband.. You are awesome! I love the way you compose each photo and I am happy that I have come across your blog.

  2. Goodness so glad to hear you are doing better, we had a little bug going around here last week too. Adorable shots and just love the beads shot lol…

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