vatrushka – with cheese :)

It’s spring break. Honestly, I was dreading this. I still am. A break from school is NEVER good. Unless you’re the child, which I’m not. I’m the mom. I don’t like breaks from school. I know I’m not the only one, admit it. You don’t like it either. I can see it. Ok, maybe I can’t, but you know I’m right 🙂

What to do to keep these two dudes from completely destroying my house? Make them do something. So I came up with this idea to make food from different countries. I pull out a world map and let them pick a country. Big dude picks ‘the oraaaaaaange ooooooone!!!’ which is Russia. Totally fine with me, the russians make some delicious stuff. Then off to Mr Google to find out about the russian cuisine and what’s a traditional thing to bake. Because big dude wants to bake something. We find vatrushka. With cheese. We have a winner 🙂

Here’s the thing, this is not only to keep them busy. I find it very important to educate children about food and cultures. What better way than actually making it? I’m trying to prevent them from fast food overdosing or quite frankly, I’m preventing them from touching it and liking it.

You can find the recipe and some more russian deliciousness right here 🙂



And yes, they were delicious! You should make some. Somehow it didn’t keep them from destroying my house though…




4 thoughts on “vatrushka – with cheese :)

  1. Ferientechnisch bin ich voll deiner Meinung! Backofengerichte sind da unpraktisch weil Back-TV nicht spannend genug ist um Kinder die ganze Backzeit über vom Unfug abzuhalten.

    Schön dass deine Jungs so aufgeschlossen gegenüber fremdem Essen sind. Hier gehen ja nur Standardgerichte. Nudeln mit Ketchup, Reis mit Ketchup, Pfannekuchen. Zum Glück ohne Ketchup 😆

    • Pfannekuchen kann man aber auch toll abwandeln. Mal Crepes aus Frankreich, oder die russischen Crepes sind auch toll. Dann Bananenpfannekuchen, Apfelpfannekuchen, Blaubeerpfannekuchen….gibt’s hier alles staendlig 🙂

      Isst sie denn auch nicht wenn sie selbst aussucht und mithilft? Das zieht bei den Jungs immer.

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