a heart for mother’s day

Tomorrow is mother’s day. It’s not my first, but it’s the first one I got a present from my big dude. And he made it himself. I remember those days before I had kids and how I always wondered, if all these mothers really love those little self-made gifts. I just couldn’t get it in my head that something that wasn’t perfect could give so much joy. Honestly, I’ve always had that. Even as a kid giving gifts to my mother, I was never satisfied with what I had made. Needless to say, I never believed that my mother really liked what I gave her. I have to admit, this all changed a couple of days ago. I walked into the big dudes classroom to pick him up and found all the chairs set up in a semi-circle. As soon as all the moms were in the room the started to sing special mommy songs for us that they had practised for a while. Big dude was called first and when I saw that proud glimmer in his eyes it melted my heart. Right there. He handed me a plant with “hand flowers” and an envelope. He tore it open right away to show me what he had made for me. A bracelet. And I had to put it on. Now. Seeing his excitement of giving something he had made with me in mind, even though I know his teachers played a huge role in that, was the best present he could have given me. I think my heart exploded 🙂

I wear my bracelet proudly and I’m trying my best not to kill the plant that he raised himself in class, they planted the seeds and all 🙂 Now I get it. These gifts really are the best ever 🙂


And since we’re speaking of hearts, the little dude has the coolest heart shaped birth mark ever and I finally managed to capture it in a way that I love 🙂


Happy mother’s day!


14 thoughts on “a heart for mother’s day

  1. Oh das klingt so schön! Seufz…
    Ich weiss genau was du meinst!
    Hier kommt der Muttertag erst noch, ich freue mich darauf wenn ich das hier so lese!

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