He finally made it. He’s not a baby anymore. He’s a big boy. He’s 3. Finally. I have no idea why this number matters so much, but that’s what he thinks. But now the big one keeps bugging me about how long it’s gonna take until he has a birthday… *sigh* Can they ever stop growing? They can’t. You know why? Because they don’t have buttons for that. That’s their explanation, in case you were wondering 🙂



6 thoughts on “3

  1. I remember my younger brother asking my mom when his birthday was going to happen, too.. Precious boys! Thanks for sharing. (:

  2. Alles Gute nachträglich kleiner L.! 🙂
    Und jetzt bitte die Bilder von einem Geschenkeberg und der Party 😎

  3. Oh ich kann auch in German schreiben 😉

    Ja Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich 🙂

    3 ist ja schon groß !

    Ich freue mich hier immer über so tolle Fotos, bitte m e h r 😉

    LG TB

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