where my wild things are

The dudes are pretty wild lately. My guess is, 3 1/2 months of summer break is too much. Even for them. We’re getting on each others nerves a little in this house. Same thing every day, breakfast, pack a cooler and a bag, head out to the pool, swim, punch your brother in the face, head home, take a shower, bum on the couch until Daddy gets home, dinner, story, bedtime. I get it. Childhood must be so exhausting.

But, we had rain. One day. It wasn’t 110 degrees for a change so I decided, we’re gonna head out and take some photos. To get out of the horrible rut we’ve been in, you know?



6 thoughts on “where my wild things are

  1. they are certainly maniacs, but the very best, most adorable kind. i can relate and i only have one crazy mama’s boy. you really captured their love anika. i hope you get more breaks like this 🙂

    • They love each other like nothing else. I’m glad they share that with each other. But you’re right, they’re maniacs…lol
      One more month and school starts back up and then little dude will go too. I can’t wait, but I know I’ll be super sad. For like the first day 😉

  2. Mensch, das sind so wunderbare Bilder und deine Jungs wirklich wunderbar miteinander!
    Nu geht der Kleine auch schon bald in die Schule? Wahnsinn, ihr seid echt früh dran 😉

    • der muss, ich brauch mal Pause!!! Die waren ja noch nie weg von mir. So langsam wird’s Zeit. Der Kleine ist dann ja aber auch nur 3 Stunden morgens weg, der Grosse schon 6 Stunden. Aber ich zaehl schon die Tage… 🙂

  3. I really do enjoy your photography. I wish I would have captured these moments when my kids were younger. I didn’t have a DSLR at the time. At least now I get to capture the teen years.

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