when the kids leave the house…

When the kids leave the house, the mommies get to play πŸ™‚ I thought I’d take you along on 3 childless hours, which I get to enjoy suffer through every morning. It’s so calm and relaxed absolutely boring.

So, this is what a morning in my life looks like.



7 thoughts on “when the kids leave the house…

  1. i love the whole idea, and the wonderful way in which you captured this time…i haven’t known it in a while, nor do i want to! am i crazy? beautiful anika.

    • sometimes I think I should feel guity about enjoying it so much. But then I have too much fun… I’m just glad that all of us love this time, the boys love school and are more than hapy to go, why shouldn’t I enjoy that time too? And it’s only 3 hours…

    • danke πŸ™‚ Ich musste mir mal wieder selber in den Hintern treten und die Kamera mitnehmen. Man komt sich aeusserst doof vor, vor allem wenn die netten Sportkollegen sich den Kopf kratzen, weil ich halt mal den Stuhl fotografiere…aber es macht Spass πŸ™‚

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