living in the moment | September 2012

I’ve had a bad week. My parents just left and I was trying to get back in our routine. Needless to say, I was a little depressed and didn’t want to touch my camera. It kept looking at me saying, be inspired! Do something! Pick me up and shoot! It’s going to make you feel better! And it’s true, usually it does make me feel better. A lot. So my plan was, as soon as the hubs goes back to work on the weekend I’m going to pick up the camera and shoot. No idea what, but I was going to do it. Then I got a message on friday. It was like the clouds opened up and I was hit with those gorgeous golden rays of sun. Ok, I’m getting a little cheesy here, but you get what I mean. The message was from Jude Wood, asking me if I’d like to join in on her new project. Of course I would! So here it is. It’s called ‘living in the moment’ and it’s about documenting the daily life. We will do this the whole month or just one day out of the month and then post all together and link up. Now I knew what I could shoot on the weekend! The timing was perfect. So I shot throughout the whole weekend, including saturday, the sick day. Big dude came home with a stomach flu and little dude wasn’t feeling too well either. So it was a slow, comfortable day. I feel better now 🙂

Please go check out Angela’s blog next!


12 thoughts on “living in the moment | September 2012

  1. ohmygoodness. I love these weekend details. beauty in the midst of “ordinary-ness”. i feel like i’ve just had the privilege of being a fly on your wall, peeking into your world.

  2. doorway shots and couch shots are some of my faves! love. your soup looks yummy! so glad you joined us on this project! i look forward to following your work this year! xx

  3. Geile Bilder, einfach nur schön 🙂
    Das Stillleben ist allerdings etwas ungewohnt. 😆

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