a morning in preschool

Little dude is becoming more independent each day. You can tell it’s so good for him to go to school, even though it’s only 3 hours in the morning, but the time apart from his brother, and me, seems to be so so good for him. He’s developing more of his own, very strong, personality and discovers playtime that does not involve being bossed around by big brother 🙂

Today they had a little Thanksgiving celebration in his class. I know, it’s already that time of year again! They sang us some songs and then all told us what they are thankful for. Little dude is thankful for his “big bother”. I’m glad. We then all had a big breakfast together and after that I took the chance to watch him play.


3 thoughts on “a morning in preschool

  1. Süsser kleiner Mann und sehr fürsorglich! 🙂
    Schön für die Mama so einen Einblick in die ganz eigene Welt des Kindes zu bekommen!
    Liebe Grüsse

  2. sein Blick auf Bild 2 finde ich genial… so cute 😉

    so behütet aufzuwachsen ist einfach wunderschön…
    danke das du uns immer mitschauen lässt 😉

    schön das er so viel Freude an der Kindergarten/Vorschule hat …

    LG TB

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