Worm farm

We have a worm farm. I know, it sounds disgusting, but we do. Don’t worry, it’s outside and they will NOT come inside. Are you wondering how in the world we came to have worms? Well, we went to a huge worm farm yesterday, only to look and learn. We were invited to tag along with the people from the community garden here and they were looking for fertilizer and, yes, worms. They’re really good for your garden, in case you didn’t know. So the kids got to dig in dirt and pick them up. Little did I know that the guys there would hand them bags so they can keep them! So, when we got home, we built our own little farm 🙂

Now we just need ideas for names…




6 thoughts on “Worm farm

  1. Hallo Anika,

    Ich weiss nicht, wie du diese Bilder geschickt hast, aber ich kann sie leider nicht auf meinem Ipad speichern. Kannst du die nochmal anders schicken? Biiiiiiiitte Kuss Mama

  2. I have nominated you for “A VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD” because I LOVE your blog and it has certainly been an inspiraion to me. Looking forward to future posts.

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