a package from the past

I received a package last week from my Dad and his wife. I thought it was something for Christmas for the boys and the package was just late. Boy, was I wrong. It was for me. They found my Grandmothers old recipes, handwritten and almost lost. I was the only grandchild that learned baking from her and shared the same love for it. There are also two different handwriting in these books which means, that my grandfather was probably writing down some for her too. I’m sure she made him do it 🙂 The crazy part about her “cookbooks” is, that she mostly just wrote down ingredients and no instructions. I’m going to have to figure this out by myself, I guess.

They also sent me my folder from Kindergarten. All my pictures I made as a 4-5 year old. I didn’t even know these existed! I may have cried a little over this box.

And BTW, there was something for the dudes. A box of homemade brownies and my Great grandmother’s cinnamon waffles. Even if I had the recipe for those I couldn’t make them because you need a specific waffle maker for these, and I don’t have one. Maybe one day I will. Until then, I will just eat some more. Oh wait, the dudes ate them all already…



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