living in the moment | March madness

We started this month out being sick. Pretty bad for the big dude as you can see in the first photo, but the mood was lifted as soon as a package from Oma arrived with presents. And chocolate. Which is already gone… But then the month got way better. I found traces of spring in the desert, made Easter cookies, tried to decorate them, had family backyard BBQs and just overall lots of fun. And didn’t I make the coolest boy Easter eggs? LOVE them!

Please go check out Angela’s March madness ๐Ÿ™‚

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8 thoughts on “living in the moment | March madness

  1. Aww.. I feel for you guys! We spent half of our March sick as well. LOVE the bunny in the window picture… so cute. And your eggs are awesome!

    (small world that you are a SW’er too!)

  2. What a yucky time of year to be sick…as if there is a good time. Glad those presents perked them up. I’m in love with the photo of your husband and little on in the bathroom. So, so sweet. And, yeah, those are some cool eggs!

  3. first of all your eggs are the absolute coolest i’ve seen! also way too many favorites to pick but if you were twisting my arm to pick one, it would be the bunny peeking in the door. too precious.

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