living in the moment | April 2013

What a month! We got to go on a date, without kids, thanks to some awesome friends and we went to Vegas. And saw a show. And gambled away a whole $15. And drank alcohol. And stood up until 230am. And then even got to sleep in! Can you imagine? I didn’t bring the camera though, so no flashy Vegas photos for you this time. But we had a lot of fun around our house since it’s getting hot here. And I mean HOT. So what’s there to do? Play in the water. So basically, we spent the whole month in the backyard. There are worse things, right? Oh, and I turned 31. I always thought once you cross the 30 you’re basically dead. It’s not that bad. I’m actually feeling better than I did 10 years ago. Weird, huh?

Please continue the circle and go check out Robyn’s blog. She does amazing work, so you don’t want to miss it!

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7 thoughts on “living in the moment | April 2013

  1. Anika – I adore these images! I think one of the reasons I love your LiTM posts so very much is because they make me remember so vividly what my life with young dudes looked like 10 years ago.

  2. That one in the towels just killed me! So perfect. And I always find myself drawn to the ones where they are together. Nothing like brotherly love. Stellar post, Anika!

  3. all the pics are AWESOME as always but the last one caught my attention…reason being that Luke has that devilish look Jacob gets when he’s clowning around…LOL 🙂

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