living in the moment | July 2013

July is over. We’re on the last leg of summer break and the dudes are more than excited to go back to school. I think they’re sick of me. It’s ok. It prepares me for having teenagers in 10 years, when all I will get is an eye roll and a growl that will slightly resemble my name and everything is more interesting and cooler than hanging out with me. Until then, I make them suffer through splash park and pool visits and neighborhood slip ‘n slide meetings. By the way, isn’t it crazy how quick the light changed in these slip ‘n slide photos? That’s the desert for ya… 🙂

Now go check how Stephanie makes her family suffer through the summer time 🙂

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9 thoughts on “living in the moment | July 2013

  1. Schöne Bilder! Freue mich darauf meine Mädchen abzuholen und im Wasser zu deponieren. Es gibt nichts Schöneres!
    Liebe Grüsse

  2. your poor, poor boys; they are suffering so ;-). desert summers scream for water, don’t they? btw, has your summer been cooler/cloudier than usual? “summer” still hasn’t arrived at the beach, and June gloom is usually long gone by the middle of July.

    • They are SO suffering! Someone call CPS… 😉
      Our summer here has been as hot as ever, we don’t have a cloud in sight and usually it’s between 98-110 degrees. But we’re also in the middle of the desert, I think that changes a lot with what you get. But since you said it’s not too hot by the water, I think we will squeeze in another trip to the beach before we leave 🙂

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