a different kind of print

I like prints. A lot. All different kinds of prints. They have to be great quality though. The photos I display in my house or the ones I give to people represent my work. So it has to be good. Obviously. But it also has to stand out and make sense. This is sometimes quite difficult to achieve, since a lot of products are now available to everybody and that also means that quality suffers when you order at high volume print labs. That is why I’m always on the lookout for something unique and high quality. And then I found this and fell in love. And then their customer service was so outstanding that I just had to introduce this to you. They don’t know I’m doing this, just to make this clear. I’m not getting paid for this and I’m not getting anything else for this either. No free advertisement, nothing, But they’re worth it. I’m talking about WhiteWall, a print lab located in Germany. I ordered an Acrylic print from them, to give as a thank you to a nurse here in the hospital, because she’s moving. I thought I had enough time when I ordered it 2 weeks prior to the ceremony, but when the order confirmation email arrived, I saw we were cutting it a little close with the arrival on the same day as the ceremony. So I called customer service and talked to a very nice dutch guy that put a rush order on it right away. The print got here 2 days before we needed it. How awesome is that? The Acrylic looks amazing, the photo looks like it’s supposed to and it’s different. Now I need to save up so I can order myself a really large fine art print and hang that up in our soon to be new home on the other side of the country.

Anika Alonzo-3 Anika Alonzo-4


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