Their world

This is a new project I’m so excited to join this year. It’s not new to me, some of the ladies in this circle have been doing this for a few years. So the goal is to get all your children in one frame, and then do that 4 times 🙂 I have to say, I’m lucky. I only have 2 kids and they’re attached by the hip since they are so close in age. But this gives me the extra push to capture their special bond for them to remember. Though I hope they never lose it.

Please don’t forget to check out all these other amazing ladies and what was going on in their world 🙂 Next up is Ruthie

This is their world in January

Anika Alonzo-3 Anika Alonzo-3 Anika Alonzo-1 Anika Alonzo-22


4 thoughts on “Their world

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  2. They truly do seem to have a great bond! Lovely images and looking forward to following your work and happy to be part of this circle with you!

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