their world | march 2014

Can I tell you something? This weather here in Maryland is a little bipolar. One day it’s so nice and we’re in T-shirts just to bundle up again the next day because we woke up to more snow. Including more snow days. I think the boys are getting tired of it too. I’m really hoping that this week is the last bit of snow since we already opened the BBQ season last weekend!

But besides the freezing cold we’re enjoying time together. Here we are this month with exploring the woods, looking out at the snow, steamy showers, eating frozen yoghurt and texting Daddy all by themselves.

Please go check out the amazing Sharmilla and see what she did this month 🙂

Anika Alonzo-4 Anika Alonzo-5 Anika Alonzo-6 Anika Alonzo-4 Anika Alonzo-5 Anika Alonzo-6


6 thoughts on “their world | march 2014

  1. mensch haben deine Jungs sich verändert 😉 sie werden groß .
    Ist das ein Eiscafe wo ihr euch am Automaten Eis holt?

    Euer Hundi ist aber auch gewachsen , fällt mir grad so auf .

    Ich denke bei uns ist der Schnee jetzt Geschichte, heute früh war zwar noch Frost, aber am Tag soll es jetzt schon mal 13 °C werden. Es regnet und dann scheint die Sonne, fast schon April wetter hier.

    Dann drück ich mal die Daumen, das ihr jetzt auch vom Schnee befreit seit !

    LG TB

  2. The steamy shower picture is so great. I have possibly the most un-photogenic bathroom known to man. I want to renovate just so I can take bath tub shots!

  3. Love your black and whites this month Anika! They are both so gorgeous! At least that cold weather forces us to be a bit more creative inside right?

  4. Love seeing your boys together so much. I absolutely adore the 3rd shot through the window or glass!!

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