Spring break

Guys, I’m back. It’s been a while. Like a long time. So much has happened! I don’t even know where to start. So I will just pack it all in a tiny little information packet for you.

In the last year I have dealt with depression and anxiety (I’m fine now), we have left the military (!!!), had a five months stay in New York City with family (thank you guys for putting up with us!) and found a place to live Upstate New York.Then we finally got our furniture delivered and surprise! The box with ALL the screws is missing. Gone. Poof. Anybody that has ever dealt with military moving knows that this was no quick fix. So after having all our stuff in storage for six months, we couldn’t even put it together. It took another three months for that. Because insurance and stuff. Everything was finally figured out about three weeks ago and we finally have a home.

Now we can breathe. Just in time for spring break. After all the dudes finally got over the flu, we were able to spend some time outside. I absolutely love it here. It’s quiet and country, but not too far from the city. It’s safe to say, civilian life is finally good 🙂

These were taken at Bear Mountain Park Zoo. I just love owls. And foxes. And coyotes. Weird, I know.

Anika Alonzo-1-2Anika Alonzo-2-2Anika Alonzo-4Anika Alonzo-6Anika Alonzo-7Anika Alonzo-8Anika Alonzo-9Anika Alonzo-10Anika Alonzo-11Anika Alonzo-12Anika Alonzo-13Anika Alonzo-14Anika Alonzo-18Anika Alonzo-19Anika Alonzo-20Anika Alonzo-1Anika Alonzo-3


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