Spring break

Guys, I’m back. It’s been a while. Like a long time. So much has happened! I don’t even know where to start. So I will just pack it all in a tiny little information packet for you.

In the last year I have dealt with depression and anxiety (I’m fine now), we have left the military (!!!), had a five months stay in New York City with family (thank you guys for putting up with us!) and found a place to live Upstate New York.Then we finally got our furniture delivered and surprise! The box with ALL the screws is missing. Gone. Poof. Anybody that has ever dealt with military moving knows that this was no quick fix. So after having all our stuff in storage for six months, we couldn’t even put it together. It took another three months for that. Because insurance and stuff. Everything was finally figured out about three weeks ago and we finally have a home.

Now we can breathe. Just in time for spring break. After all the dudes finally got over the flu, we were able to spend some time outside. I absolutely love it here. It’s quiet and country, but not too far from the city. It’s safe to say, civilian life is finally good πŸ™‚

These were taken at Bear Mountain Park Zoo. I just love owls. And foxes. And coyotes. Weird, I know.

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fall is here

Well, almost. It’s still pretty warm here and the leaves have just started to turn colors. But that doesn’t mean I can’t take the dudes out for some pre-fall photos, right? It was time for some nice new photos that can go up on the wall πŸ™‚ And, as you can probably tell, they were more concerned with giggling and having fun with each other πŸ™‚

Anika Alonzo-1
Anika Alonzo-2
Anika Alonzo-3
Anika Alonzo-4
Anika Alonzo-5
Anika Alonzo-6
Anika Alonzo-7
Anika Alonzo-8
Anika Alonzo-9

We know each other since years, sinceΒ before we moved to California. As soon as we moved back to Maryland K contacted me and wanted a family session. It took us a whole year to set a date and get together. So last Saturday I drove out to their house and we met up for a session. K, your kids are STUNNING and made my job so easy πŸ™‚

Anika Alonzo-2
Anika Alonzo-5
Anika Alonzo-6
Anika Alonzo-7
Anika Alonzo-8
Anika Alonzo-9
Anika Alonzo-11
Anika Alonzo-13-1
Anika Alonzo-15
Anika Alonzo-16
Anika Alonzo-20
Anika Alonzo-25-1
Anika Alonzo-27
Anika Alonzo-28


The summer is slowly coming to an end. It’s still really hot and humid here, but the dudes are back in school full time now so there’s not much time for playing outside. Especially since the big dude and me get eaten alive by mosquitos! But last night it was just so nice outside that I decided to let them have these retro candy necklaces on the front step. I have to say, it makes me feel really old to refer to candy I had as a kid as retro. But it actually said “retro” on the bag… oh well, they liked it πŸ™‚

Anika Alonzo-1 Anika Alonzo-2 Anika Alonzo-3 Anika Alonzo-4 Anika Alonzo-5 Anika Alonzo-6

We just got back from vacation time in Germany. The first time the dudes met all the German side of the family. They do know my parents and their partners, but not my grandparents, cousins and even my sister. This year was full with birthdays that needed celebrating, so we decided now was a good time to go, since I had just gotten my American citizenship and the boys were old enough to do space a travel with us without me having to drag diapers and other baby stuff around.

It took us 5 days of trying to get on a flight and we arrived on day 6 of our vacation time. Sadly we only had one week and only had time for family and my closest and best friends. I know there were so many more people that I wanted to meet up with, but there simply wasn’t enough time.

We will be back next year though, since there will be another round of big birthdays to celebrate πŸ™‚

Here are some impressions from the first family trip to Germany πŸ™‚

Anika Alonzo-2 Anika Alonzo-6 Anika Alonzo-15 Anika Alonzo-17 Anika Alonzo-20 Anika Alonzo-29 Anika Alonzo-30 Anika Alonzo-46 Anika Alonzo-47 Anika Alonzo-50 Anika Alonzo-57 Anika Alonzo-62

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