Lovebugs | one year later

I met Cara and Nathan at the dog park. Our dogs have crazy girl crushes on each other, so we started to hang out more, so, you know, the dogs can go all crazy together. And now, we like each other too 😉 I’ve actually been waiting for them to ask about a session since I saw them the first time. Beards are just so incredibly cool in photos! And then they did! They wanted to celebrate their first wedding anniversary with some ‘one year later’ photos. These two are definitely still right in the middle of their honeymoon phase and are not afraid to show it 🙂 And as if it couldn’t get any better, Cara totally let her nerd flag fly 🙂

Cara and Nathan, thank you for letting me capture this moment in your life. I hope you stay crazy in love forever, always have fun together and that you enjoy the moments we froze in time for you 🙂


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Tell me a story | January 2014

This blog cycle invites you to take a look at our lives. We take all photos in one day, so you get a tiny piece of our story. This month I decided to take you along on my mornings. From dropping the dudes off at school, to walking the dog, to hanging out at my friends house until the little dude is done, then some more hanging out and finally back home to welcome big dude home.

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Next up is Renee

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It’s been a while

I thought I should check in. It’s been a while. But man, have I been busy. And it doesn’t look like it’s getting better any time soon. The hubs had to leave us for quite a while to do an advanced leader’s course and is on his way back from Texas right now. Honk at him if you see him driving around 🙂 But that obviously didn’t leave me with much free time, as you can imagine. But it’s all good. The holidays are coming up and we are lucky enough to have friends and family visit and not to be separated.

Anyways, here are some photos I took of the boys a few days ago. I hunted down these sweaters for a few weeks until I finally found them. Aren’t they adorable?

Anika Alonzo-1-2 Anika Alonzo-2 Anika Alonzo-3

And because better late than never, here are the dudes on Halloween 🙂

Anika Alonzo-2


I had the pleasure of photographing the most beautiful and glowing pregnant girl I’ve ever seen. I wish I looked that good when I was expecting. On top of it, she is the sweetest thing ever. Caring and calm, always smiling. You just can’t not love her. And now she’s expecting her first baby, a little girl. I know she will be an amazing mother and I can’t express how excited I am for her. The only thing we need to work on are these cravings she has. Clementines with chocolate milk…

Jen, I wish you all the best and all the love in the world for you and your little family. You guys will be just fine and Ellie is lucky to be able to call you her mother ♥


walk the walk

Or drive. That’s what we did. We drove. But let me take you back to friday 13th. Not a bad day at all. We had rain, it wasn’t scorching hot, perfect time to leave the house for something that doesn’t involve the pool. spontaneous photowalk everybody!!! Can I get a Woohoooo! So I went out with a friend/fellow photographer here on post to find some fun spots and let the kids run as much as they can. Which is quite fun in the desert. Just hard to keep up with. I think it’s safe to say that we had a blast and this will definitely happen again 🙂