fall is here

Well, almost. It’s still pretty warm here and the leaves have just started to turn colors. But that doesn’t mean I can’t take the dudes out for some pre-fall photos, right? It was time for some nice new photos that can go up on the wall 🙂 And, as you can probably tell, they were more concerned with giggling and having fun with each other 🙂

Anika Alonzo-1
Anika Alonzo-2
Anika Alonzo-3
Anika Alonzo-4
Anika Alonzo-5
Anika Alonzo-6
Anika Alonzo-7
Anika Alonzo-8
Anika Alonzo-9


when the dudes take over

Yesterday the dudes took over and did the things that I do for them every day. They did have a slightly different approach, but who cares, right?



The science of making pancakes from scratch.


He still thinks doing dishes is fun.


We can’t forget Mr. Grouper 🙂



cake batter face

When I was a kid the best part about baking was licking the spoon and bowl. There was just one problem. I had to share. All. the. time. There was always a discussion which one of us would get the spoon and which would get the bowl, carefully trying to figure out which one had more batter left on it. And now? My dudes do exactly the same. So I try to bake with them separately, so they can enjoy the delights of bowl and spoon licking without having to share. Hey, it’s OK not to share sometimes, right?

And just incase you are wondering, he had it on his elbows and in his hair…bath time tonight!

DSC_1437 DSC_1440 DSC_1442


The dudes got up extra early today. I forgot I promised big dude that he could have a banana muffin for breakfast. Apparently he didn’t. He woke up little dude at 5.23am and they sneaked downstairs. Well, as much as a 3 and a 5 year old can sneak. I heard them, checked the clock and turned around and pulled the blanket over my head. Yes, I’m that mom. But anyways, they decided to help themselves. That means, the 7 left over muffins from yesterday were gone, but what magically appeared all over my floors was sprinkles. Lots of them. Oh yeah, a few seem to have made it to the plate. Don’t ask me why they needed them, the muffins didn’t have frosting. But it looks like they really needed those sprinkles.